The PlayToEarn trends is an emerging phenomenon in the gaming and crypto industry where players of NFT games get to collect several mouthwatering rewards while playing the game. ZombieSkull is an absolutely strategic game where each player can enjoy not only a realistic game, but also earn $ZSKULL tokens and collect unique NFTs, which they can later sell on marketplaces.



Any user can choose this hero for free. The Sergeant will give you the opportunity to play for free and earn unique NFT tokens.

To acquire this hero, you need to complete a sergeant mission or own $ZSKULL tokens. The Thug does all the dirty work, but gets more tokens and NFTs.

By owning this hero, you can set your own terms of cooperation with the coordinator. You can demand more rewards for your work. A mercenary is part of an elite army.

The coordinator serves only his master. The Coordinator receives a portion of the Sergeant, Thug, and Mercenary rewards. The coordinator can also assemble his own army.


Cris Aizack

The game should not only be interesting, but also useful. By playing ZombieSkull you will not only gain strategic experience, but also earn valuable assets of $ZKULL.

CEO, #GamePlay
Gevorg Andrych

Advertising is the engine of any business. Our goal is to develop such a tokenomics that will be the basis for promoting our game.

Marketing, CMO
Demitar Tomic

Anyone who plays ZombieSkull will feel like reality. Characters + heroes + sound-design + environment + gamePlay + strategy = ZombieSkull. Our job is to put you in virtual reality.

Design, Sound-designer

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